Compassionate Bankruptcy Attorney In Florida

It's like walking through a storm. The possibility of home foreclosure, car repossession or wage garnishment. The collection agencies that won't stop calling. The arguments over money with your loved ones. You may wonder: Will there ever be a calmer tomorrow?

Yes, there will be, and I can provide the light to guide you through this storm. My name is Sam Pennington. I am a bankruptcy attorney with offices in Orlando and Tavares, Florida. Since 1988, I have helped people like you find debt relief.

"Thank you for the overwhelming love you showed to us ... for all your hard work, and for going the extra mile on our behalf." ~ A card from one of my clients.

Making The Decision To Get Out Of The Storm

Financial difficulties can happen to anyone in all walks of life. Medical bills, job loss, business debt and other unexpected challenges may have caused immense stress on your finances and on you. That doesn't mean you have failed. It means you need help, and bankruptcy could be the solution.

I have helped more than 8,000 Florida residents file for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. That's 8,000 people who faced similar financial challenges to you and have found debt relief and a fresh start. Many have been able to keep their homes and other personal property.

Why Should You Choose Pennington Law Firm, PA?

I have practiced law for 35 years, focusing exclusively on business and personal bankruptcy law for 25 of those years. Yet, my experience isn't the main reason that my past clients refer their friends to me. It is how much I care.

I don't practice as a bankruptcy lawyer for the money (I provide cost-effective services to my clients and always have). I practice bankruptcy law because I want to help people going through difficult times. I have been through many challenges myself and I know that life is unpredictable. I know how valuable a little bit of compassion can be to someone going through one of life's storms. If I can help you find hope and improve your situation, then I have done my job.

Learn more about me by calling 407-278-7776 or 352-508-8277 or filling out my online form to set up a free and entirely confidential consultation. During our meeting, we will talk about your current situation and whether bankruptcy can help. You can also visit my Facebook page, where I provide helpful tips, comments and links about bankruptcy.

Pennington Law Firm, PA, is a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.