Bankruptcy And Your Family

Financial concerns can make everyday life difficult for your family. Arguments over bills are just the start of it — the constant tension can cause a division between you and your spouse that may seem insurmountable. When it seems the storm won't end, bankruptcy may be one way to calm the waters.

I am Sam Pennington, a bankruptcy attorney with offices in Orlando and Tavares, Florida. Over my 25-plus years of experience in bankruptcy law, I have helped many clients on the verge of divorce. Some couples found that the financial relief from bankruptcy reduced the tension in their marriage and family. Those that didn't stay together found that bankruptcy reduced the tension in their divorces, eliminating arguments over debt division.

I Know It's Tough. I Want To Help.

I have experienced my own storms in this lifetime and I know that the bad times can be very bad. One thing can lead to another and it can feel like your life is spiraling out of control. One day it's your finances, the next, your marriage. I want to help you regain control and get to a better tomorrow.

I became a bankruptcy attorney for one reason: to help people through difficult times. I'm not the kind of attorney who will take your money, fill out your forms and send you on your way. I will be with you every step of the way because I know how important a helping hand can be when life gets tough, especially when you are considering how bankruptcy will affect your family. Learn how I can help you by calling 407-278-7776 or 352-508-8277 or sending me an email.

Bankruptcy In A Divorce: How Bankruptcy Can Help

There are many couples who decide not to divorce after filing for bankruptcy and resolving the financial tension that led to their disagreements. Others, however, have faced irreparable damage in their marriage. In those cases, filing for bankruptcy before divorce is a good option. Here are two reasons why this is true:

  • One lawyer, one bankruptcy proceeding: If you wait to file until after your divorce, you and your spouse may need to file separate bankruptcies, which equates to two lawyers and two filing fees.
  • A less contentious divorce: If you are considering bankruptcy, you likely have a significant amount of debt. This debt would need to be divided during divorce, along with your property. By filing for bankruptcy before divorce, you can eliminate much of your debt and make property division during divorce much simpler.

Your future is up to you, but if you face significant debt, there are ways to make these life-changing times simpler. Let's discuss your options.

Pennington Law Firm, PA, is a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.