The Origins Of Bankruptcy

Most of the people who come to visit my law office are honest people who don't know how to feel about filing for bankruptcy. I tell them that they are not alone. The origins of bankruptcy go back thousands of years and always focus on one theme: a fresh start for the honest.

In fact, bankruptcy can be seen as far back as the Old Testament, which references an absolute forgiveness of debt for all Israelites every seven years (Deuteronomy 15: "At the end of every seven years, you must cancel debts"). This was a very strong part of Hebrew Law and the foundation of modern bankruptcy. Today, for example, you and your lawyer can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy every eight years following this same concept.

You're Not Alone: Millions Of People, Thousands Of Years

People have gone through what you are going through for thousands of years. Bankruptcy exists to help honest debtors who have made mistakes or have lost control of their finances because of unexpected circumstances.

There is no reason to be ashamed.

Let me repeat that: There is no reason to be ashamed. You are one among the millions of honest people who have faced difficult financial times. You can be among the millions of people who have found a fresh start through bankruptcy.

Making The Tough Decision For A Better Tomorrow

As a bankruptcy attorney who has been in this field for decades, I understand that whether to file is a tough decision to make. But I have also had countless people write to me after their bankruptcies are over to tell me how appreciative they are and how their lives have improved.

You don't have to make the decision now. Instead, let's sit down and talk about what bankruptcy would mean for you. Call 407-278-7776 or 352-508-8277 or contact me online to set up a no-cost consultation at my Tavares or Orlando, Florida, law office.

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